Couple Goes High-Tech And Uses Online Start-ups for Wedding Day.

By Posted in - news & wedding book on October 16th, 2014

Putting on a wedding in New York City can be financial suicide. But one young couple spoke to NPR’s Tell Me More and said they priced their upcoming celebration at just $10,000 by using online startups. Pixobook is excited to have been included in this impressive roster of wedding tech start-ups including Paperless Post,  Spotify,  Airbnb, TaskRabbit and more. 

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Naa-Sakle Akuete spoke with NPR host Michel Martin about what moved her to use Pixobook.  ” A problem I’ve had going to weddings in the past is that I’m taking pictures, all of our friends are taking pictures, but the bride and groom never see them. Pixobook is going to help us reach out to the guests and scrape through Instagram, Facebook and different social media outlets and pull that information together and make an album for us. “

While there are a lot of wedding tech ideas out there, this one not only gave them a great value, it also gave them the freedom to get back to their busy lives after all the celebrating. Your new job doesn’t have to be chasing after wedding guests for photos, picking the best ones and laying them out in a book. A few weeks after the event they should have a Pixobook in their hand.

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5 Wedding Tech Ideas that will save you time and money

Airbnb  You can look for a venue that will accommodate your guest list and needs. Hot tub? Check. Outdoor space. Check. Have a back-up plan though as spaces can be cancelled with little notice and that can be stressful.

Paperless Post  No paper. No post. Seriously, you get the picture here. Also better for the enviroment. A win all around.

Pixobook  What if you could cross one huge task off your  wedding “to do” list? Then you would have Pixobook collecting, editing and designing a custom book with all your guests photos.  Fast forward and you are now sitting on your couch holding your beautiful Pixobook album!

Spotify  No DJ, just make up your playlist or let your guest crowd-source a wedding playlist. Turn the music player on. Done.

TaskRabbit You basically outsource wedding jobs  (picking up catering, wait-staff, cleaning) and can name your price or request bids.