Tech savvy Moms get the best photos from their kids.

By Posted in - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Book & news on May 31st, 2014 tech-savvy-moms

Any tech savvy mom with a 13-yr old sees everyday how expert they are at taking selfies and photos of their friends and posting to Instagram, Facebook and other social media. On Bar-Mitzvah day their Instagram account is a virtual goldmine of candid, creative and memorable photos of their big day as seen through their friends’ eyes.

Tech savvy moms just know

phot-textting-quote-optmMitzvah mom Jodi, knew that she wanted a way to capture all the fun her kids friends were having at her son’s Bar Mitzvah and be able to have a memory book that her family could always sit down with and remember this time.

Josh went from being a baby to a 13 year-old in what seemed like a minute. Of course any web-site that was around when he was 1 year-old is now gone, so it made sense to have a book that she could hold in her hand.

Today’s smart-phone takes the place of the disposable camera

She thought back to so many events in years past where disposable cameras were put on tables for guests to photograph the event.  She asked “Did anyone ever see those pictures from the disposable cameras that hosts used to put out?” She didn’t want those Instagram photos to go the way of old undeveloped film.

Pixobook was the perfect way to collect all those shared photos into one published book. Pixobook was even able to collect the photos from her photo booth vendor and add them to the photo book.

Customized extra’s for your event

Jodi took advantage of the Pixobook technical consultants table at her event. Two tech consults were at the luncheon after the service and were able to meet guests and get their phones set up to join the Google+ event page and share photos with the Instagram hashtags.

Even with a book that she could leave on her coffee table, Jodi loved having the option of an e-book published so that she could easily share the photos with friends and family on their tablets.