Damon and Tirtzah’s Wedding.


“Instead of hiring a professional photographer for our wedding we decided to ask a number of friends to photograph particular parts of the party (ceremony, dancing, family portraits etc).

Our friends captured many intimate, quirky and touching moments at our wedding.

Tirtzah/Damon wedding, August 11, 2013





Pixobook was a great fit for us – by tackling the daunting task of sifting through hundreds of photos and bringing them together into a cohesive book.”

I love the small square format, the clean presentation, and the seamless flow of images.The book captures the lively spirit of our wedding, and highlights the people and moments that we want to remember most. Not only do we have this wonderful documentation of our wedding, but it is a great gift to give to our friends and family.”

  • Damon and Tirtzah's Wedding
  • October 2013