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Sarah and Erin.


When Sarah and Erin got married they knew that their friends would take great photos at their destination wedding weekend.  Their closest friends included creatives, artists and photo enthusiasts.  The biggest challenge they had was coming up with a way to gather all the photos and then figuring out how to make a wedding photo book.

“PIXOBOOK relieved us of the overwhelming task of combing through hundreds of pics, pulling out the best, and crafting a beautiful narrative with them.”

Sarah and Erin Pixobook

“Frankly, we probably would never have gotten around to it ourselves.We knew our friends would take great photos throughout the whole weekend and did not see any need for a professional wedding photographer. And we were right! PIXOBOOK also makes guests feel good that they are contributing to the documentation of the event.

On the technical front, PIXOBOOK knows about hi res and lo res and what will work in the book and what won’t.

We loved our PIXOBOOK experience and have recommended it to many friends. It’s a genius idea. The quality of the printed book was great. PIXOBOOK folks were easy to work with and super knowledgeable. After planning a whole weekend of events, it was such a joy and relief to be able to hand off the picture-wrangling to a thoughtful expert like PIXOBOOK!”

  • Sarah and Erin
  • September 2012