Point and shoot camera tips for your wedding.

By Posted in - tips and tricks & wedding book on October 30th, 2012

People are always asking professional photographers, what type of equipment they use. A $5000 digital camera is not going to help you take better pictures.  Not that most of us have to worry about owning expensive photo equipment.  The average person that either owns a point and shoot camera or a smart phone still can be challenged by poor lighting conditions and distracting compositions.

A few easy point and shoot camera tips can make your photos more memorable and professional looking.

  1. get closer when taking your photos
  2. natural light is the best light so stay away from flash whenever possible
  3. think before you shoot.

If you want to dive into more specific tips, check out Lifehacker’s point and shoot camera tips primer.

Top Los Angeles wedding photographer Donald Norris gives some basic point and shoot camera tips in this 4 minute video.  Take his advice and pay special attention to where your light source is and how to arrange people in your photos. Ultimately the best camera tip that you can have, is to use the camera you have with you.