Photo sharing books for time poor parents.

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There are so many services that offer ways to make photo sharing books but they all require time to download software, edit and organize. Most of us are just too busy and put if off until that CD is no longer around or until the media technology becomes obsolete.

Robin had this wonderful CD chock-full of images from the hired photographer at her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. The day after the event she began posting and sharing photos on Facebook.  I couldn’t help thinking what would happen when Facebook goes away (oh no!) or CD’s become obsolete.  The new computers from Apple don’t even come with a DVD drive anymore!

When Robin found out about Pixobook, she jumped at the chance to create a photo sharing book without making that her new job.

Pixobook did all the gathering, editing, retouching and publishing of the photos. She just reviewed a draft and after some small changes it was published and delivered to her front door.

I ordered a Pixobook for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and we couldn’t be happier with our book! The pictures are crisp and clear and really capture the essence of my daughter’s special day.

The design of our photo sharing book was a perfect balance of shots per page, with the most important people in my daughter’s life represented. It was a pleasure to work with Sue. She was always easy to reach and she knew exactly what I wanted for my Pixobook.

I am going to order a bunch of  books for family members! I highly recommend Pixobook and I’ll definitely use them for my next event.

We also provided a link for family members to get their own photo sharing book delivered to their front door. Here it is if you want to take a peak: