Come meet Pixobook at Toasted.

By Posted in - Events & news on November 12th, 2014

Toasted is a curated indie wedding show & market aimed towards free-spirited and savvy nearly-weds looking for something a bit different. Combining an eclectic array of independent artisans, alternative and offbeat wedding ideas, handcrafted and eco-friendly goods and a party-like mood, Toasted is a refuge from traditional wedding planning. Come say hello to us at the Pixobook booth there on Nov 16th and find out more about how we can create the perfect wedding photo album that everyone will love!

What you’ll find:
• Fresh and crafty vendors from the local area and beyond
• Yummy food bites + tastings
• Bars providing sauce to help you get toasted
• Beats and musical performances to keep the party going all day long
• Judgement free atmosphere welcoming gal + dude, gal + gal, dude + dude, couples of all kinds

What you won’t find:
• Gratuitous amounts of tulle and polyester
• Brides being herded through aisles of uninspiring wedding wares like cattle (we want you to dance!)
• A traditional, ordinary, unfulfilling, let’s just say it…gaggy bridal show