Choosing your best photos.


How do we go about choosing your best photos? choosing your best photos - lightbox

Each designer is an experienced storyteller. We look for photos that are evocative, amusing, and dynamic. We make sure that the people and moments that matter to you most are included in the album. While  you might have 3,000 images from one event, the process of narrowing down to the best 100 or 150 images takes intuition, practice, and time. Its normal (and fun) for us to look at hundreds of images from multiple perspectives and and curate them into a polished portfolio. 

Do I need to be pro?

choosing your best photos - before and after retouchingThe images guests send us are of varied quality, and that’s okay. Pixobook digitally enhances each photo to create the sense that they were all taken by one great photographer. Dark images are lightened, colors are blended and images that were once dull pop off the page. This is no easy feat, but we really enjoy this part of the job.

What does it look like when its done?

Once  we are done choosing your best photos and you are completely happy with your layout, we publish the book and can even ship it directly to your guests as a thank you gift. We also provide you with a link where your guests can preview, share or purchase the book.